Sunday, March 21, 2010

piece of cake

this has been a pretty good weekend, so far. I mean, it sucks that Chris had to work, don't get me wrong. but otherwise, it's been great.

Friday Chris drove me to work so that he could pick me up and we could head straight to the pet expo. once we got there, we were saddened to find a distinct lack of tiger salamanders. there is a good reason for this: apparently, they are not legal in PA. hmph. we decided instead to get a snake. I have always wanted a snake and, as Chris brought up, they are more easily worn on the finger. they have this advantage over a salamander. so now I have a pre-engagement okeetee corn snake. she doesn't have a name yet. I suggested Orange or Snakey, but Chris thinks these are both less than creative and that I can do a better job. so I am still thinking. I'll have pictures as soon as she comes out of her hiding cave. hopefully this happens soon, she's been sitting in there since Friday night. perhaps she will come out if I get her a branch to climb.

Saturday we went to Queen City for breakfast. I got the silver dollar pancakes. when Chris went to work, I watched the Office until my parents came to pick me up. we went to the pet expo, which was a lot of fun. I would like to make it through just once without crying over something that makes me think of a dead pet. just once! then we went back to my parents' house and made pizzas (and ate them). they were delicious.

today I went to Barnes & Noble with my co-worker. we both brought our laptops. I have always wanted to take my laptop to a place with free wifi and hang out - and now I have! I had a really good time. we were there for over three hours!

now I am sitting in bed with Morgaine, eating dried cranberries and hummus and pita chips, browsing the internet, with the windows open. I am very relaxed and happy. maybe I will take a nap.

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