Monday, March 29, 2010


I join the birthday club of jsut about every eatery I've ever visited. as a result, my inbox has begun to fill with coupons. so far I have received the following coupons:
looks like I've got a lot of eating to do this week. I'm going to suggest Smokey Bones for wings this week, so that will hopefully take that off the list. I drive past Rita's pretty often, so that shouldn't be difficult - we can just pick some up on the way to somewhere else. I think I would like to have Cold Stone for breakfast on Saturday, seems like a nice way to start my birthday. I am not sure about Buca, though...

for my birthday, my parents are taking me to Red Robin, my restaurant of choice this year. after that, I am forcing those guys to drive all the way out to the White Palm Tavern. I am really excited to try the pretzella sticks. then I imagine we will go back to SteveMikeBobby's to continue the revelry. and then I will be an old woman. 26 years old. goodness.

in the course of browsing the internet on Saturday, I stumbled into the wonderful world of book blogs. I don't know how I have missed this blissful world, loving books as I do, but somehow I had. it seems that these magical blogs run book reading challenges that other readers can participate in and enjoy. I have decided to sign up for two of these challenges: the Cozy Mystery Challenge and the Classics Challenge. tune in tomorrow for my challenge entry entries!

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