Monday, April 12, 2010

and I did them

this was a pretty busy weekend. Saturday was one of those great Saturdays where everything is just... great. we go up (relatively) early and went to the mall to go to the bank. it just so happened that there was an antique car show in there this weekend, so we walked the mall and looked at all of the cool old cars. when we had seen them all, we went over to IHOP for some breakfast. I got the International Crepe Passport with Nutella crepes, Chris got the new Loaded Country Potatoes. everything was delicious, as usual. after that, we went to Office Depot so that Chris could get some supplies for a project. he needed an ink eraser and sticker paper. we went home then so that he could get right to it. I (finally) got my clothes out of the trash bags in which they have been residing and moved them to the closet. I am going to need to buy some more clothes hangers. the idea is to move all of my work clothes to the closet and keep all of my regular clothes in my dresser. that way I won't have to wake Chris up when I get dressed for work in the morning (my closet is in my office).

but anyway, Kylie came over around 3:30 so that we could go to the Goodwill. we went to the bargain center and bought a bunch of things for our various works-in-process. $0.75 a piece - score! we then went to Michael's, since the eraser Chris bought earlier in the day was not quite strong enough. unfortunately, they didn't have what he needed. we stopped at Cold Stone to upse my birthday coupon, then checked A. C. Moore, but they didn't have an ink eraser either. the art stores around here suck.

we went home then and made dinner. we had pork chops, cheesy rice, and biscuits. Kylie is a vegetarian again, so she only ate the non-meat items. she helped Chris with Photoshop while I washed dishes. it warmed my cold, black heart to see them laughing and working together. such a homey scene.

after dinner, Kylie's Mike came to pick her up and we went to Steve's house. we played with my new Deluxe Yahtzee set for a while, then Chris and Steve played some Magic while I slept on the sofa. Chris got pretty upset about the changing group dynamics that have been going on around here, but I could not be bothered to join him, since I have long since become resigned to these facts. poor Chris.

Sunday was largely exhausting. Chris tried to mow the lawn, but the lawn mower was out of gas so he had to wait. my parents brought over the table for our patio set, as well as a bunch of my boxes from the basement. two boxes of clothes (I really need to buy those clothes hangers), two boxes of miscellany. when they had gone, we planted some seeds in the front garden and did some laundry. then we went grocery shopping and got some gas for the lawn mower. upon arriving home, I put away the groceries while Chris finished mowing. then we went to Smokey Bones for dinner with Steve.

we started playing Dante's Inferno when we got home from dinner. it is pretty much exactly like God of War, but with a different religion. I don't mind, though, because God of War is a great game. I would like to see them make the same game for Egyptian and Norse mythology, really. so yeah, no complaints.

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