Friday, April 30, 2010

argument #2

last night Chris and I had an argument about dinosaurs. well, not exactly about dinosaurs, but about Walking With Dinosaurs. you see, on Wednesday I had reminded him that tickets were goingon on sale on Friday, so he was prepared for the $50 ticket cost. I was definitely going and I couldn't very well go alone. he was displeased, but resigned. I didn'tt really give him a choice as to whether he was going or not. but I didn't want to him to be unhappy, so I asked if he was really so opposed to it. he said no, it sounds like a lot of fun, he just wished I didn't require the most expensive seats. couldn't we just get the $25 tickets? absolutely not. I didn't grow up and become an adult with a job and money just so that I could let child-me down and gt cheap tickets at what would most certainly be one of the most exciting events in my entire life. certainly not. but yeah, my point is that he said it sounded like fun. if you would hear this, you would assume that he wanted to go, correct?

flash-forward to Thursday morning. my mum calls me and tells me that there is a secret pre-sale for which she has acquired the password. she tells me that my dad and my sister are also going - will I still need a ticket for Chris? now, I enjoy having Chris around, don't get me wrong. but it is so rare that me and my dad and my sister all do something alone together... but no, he said he wanted to go, it would be mean to exclude him. I text him and ask if he still wants to go, but he doesn't get back to me. so I tell my mum to go ahead and order one for him.

flash-forward again to Thursday evening. Chris comes home and tells me home releived he is that he won't have to spend $50 on tickets for the dinosaur show. I flip out, telling him that it is too late, the tickets are already ordered. I am very upset. not only because he was upset, but because I was upset too. I mean, it wasn't a big deal to me if he went at all, I thought I was doing something nice for him by getting him a ticket. then - get this - he accuses me of buying the ticket for him withou asking! like I went into his wallet and stole $50 from him. I reminder him that we had discussed it on Wednesday, that he had been aware that I was intending to buy tickets on Friday. he reminds me that it is Thursday. I ask what different it makes if he spends $50 on a Thursday or a Friday - it is still the same amount of money. he tells me that my text led him to believe that he wasn't going to be spending $50 on a ticket at all, so it is a surprise to him.

I calmed down long before he did. I could not stop being upset. I was so excited about this thing, I have been wanting to go for years, and now he is ruining it for me. these plans had not worked out at all the way I had wanted. not only was I not going to get to spend a father/daughter evening with my dad and sister, but Chris wasn't even grateful that I had been thoughtful enough to include him. I could barely even stand to look at him.

eventually I calmed down, though I am still a bit upset, and went out on the side porch to read a book and watching him mow the lawn. nothing good ever comes from going outside - somehow while I was out there, I got a splinter. two splinters, actually. so I called my mum in a panic (yes, I am 26 years old and called my mum about a splinter) and she walked me through the process of removing them. she had offered to take them out for me if I drove over to her house, but I didn't want to lose my parking space. I'm telling you, this mile between us is far too large.

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