Sunday, April 25, 2010


today is a day that sucks. I woke up earlish because I had to make sure Chris got up for work. I haven't felt well all day. I feel kind of sniffly and a little sick to the stomach. not enough to vomit but enough that I'm not really interested in eating anything. this is a feeling that has carried over from yesterday. I had tea for dinner last night. diner tea.

after Chris left for work, I tried to get myself excited about organizing my office and maybe the art room. I looked at pictures of the offices/art rooms/craft rooms of other people on the internet, took some notes about organizational options. but as soon as I started the actual organizational process, I completely lost interest. there's just so much crap to sort through, it is really very overwhelming. I emptied out one box that had been blocking to door to my closet and called it a day.

I got my laptop, made myself some tea, and climbed into bed. I decided on bed instead of sofa because it is really cold in this house today. you see, I am refusing to use the heat anymore, since it is april now and shouldn't be cold anymore. so unless it is below freezing outside, I am not using that heater. Chris has been a bit more lenient than I about this than I am, he uses it on the sneak after I leave for work in the morning. just because it is 57 degrees in the house does not mean the heat should be running. he's such a wuss.

but yeah, so I read blogs for a little while and then curled up with the cats and went to sleep. the cats have been pretty unbearable all day. The Mutz is just wandering around yelling because that is what he does when I am home and Chris is not. I don't know why, but this is one of the top five Things That Upset The Mutz. he will just follow me around all day, yelling. maybe he thinks I don't notice that Chris is missing? maybe he thinks that if he yells enough I will find Chris and bring him back. I do not know. all I know is that he will not stop yelling unless he is sitting on me. and Morgaine has been all riled up for some reason and will not stop attacking The Mutz and anything else that moves. but especially The Mutz because she hates the yelling. this is difficult because I hate the yelling as well, but I don't want her to think that I condone the attacking. but really I do, a little, when it is yelling induced.

so both of the cats took a nap on me and they were quiet and not fighty. we slept til 6:30. then I took a shower. and now I am sitting here waiting for Chris to come home and I don't want to go to the grocery store. I don't waaaaannnnnnnnnnnna.

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