Tuesday, April 13, 2010

guns don't kill people

after small group, my uncle showed me some of his guns. we had been talking about some of the terrible and scary things that have happened to him in the city I drive though every day to get to work. one of the twenty-five most dangerous cities in the country, I might add. he thinks I should have a gun - two guns, even! I think this sounds like a great idea, considering how unhelpful Chris can be when it comes to home protection.

so anyway, when I got home, one of the living room lights was on. now, I pointedly remember turning off all of the lights before I left because I figured the light from Chris' computer monitor would be enough for the cats until I got home. so I saw the light on an figured that Chris had gotten home heard. he hadn't.

I immediately went on high alert, grabbing a battle axe from the corner and beginning my vigorous search of the house. I went prowling around, wishing I had a shotgun like to one my uncle had let me hold. I didn't find anything or anyone, but I was still pretty alarmed, so I brought the axe in the shower with me. well, not actually in the shower. but in the bathroom at least, so it would be nearby if I needed it. while I was showering, I heard Chris arrive home. I knew it was him because he was yelling for me. so when I got out of the shower, I grabbed the battle axe (so that I could return it to the living room weapon depository) and went down the stairs to find Chris.

when I reached the kitchen, I noticed that it was eerily silent. also, Morgaine was crouching in the middle of the room, fur up in full puff. hmm. I figured there were two possibilities: either there was a burglar after all and I had missed him and he had killed Chris, or Chris was hiding in the living room, waiting to jump out and scare me. so I readied my axe and stalked confidently into the living room, ready to face either option.

Chris leapt out from behind the doorway and was alarmed and amused to find an axe aimed at his midsection. I probably shouldn't have a gun.


  1. haha - yeah..maybe not. I'm in St. Louis, MO..listed #2 most dangerous over all and #1 most dangerous for my city size. I have an alarm system though, no guns for me.