Monday, April 26, 2010

not always awesome

don't worry, I didn't go grocery shopping! instead, we bought some cat food (the only really crucial grocery item) and then did something financially irresponsible - we went out to dinner on the the house bill checking account! now, before you become too disapproving of me, I should tell you that, over the weekend, we reached an all-time high in that checking account. currently the joint account has even more money in it than my own personal account. shocking! really, I am not all that surprised. every checking account I have eventually turns into a savings account due to my intense over-budgeting. but this is a good thing! now we have a decent amount of padding should something unexpected happen at the house. and I really don't think that the $36.00 (including tip) that we spent at On The Border is going to break the bank. and you needn't worry that this will become a habit, it was just a one-time celebration of our new grand total. we won't do this again - until we reach the next level of checking account awesomeness.

also, there was a thunderstorm while we were there, which was awesome. you can see storms really well over there.

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