Sunday, April 18, 2010


yesterday was a very productive day. let me tell you about it.

me, my mum, and Chris were supposed to go to Black Creek Greenhouse,but it turned out that his dumb M:tG pre-release thing started at 12:00 instead of 1:00, so there wouldn't be enough time for him to go. so instead we all went to breakfast at the Deluxe Restaurant and then I dropped him off at home so my mum and I could still go to the greenhouse.

it was really exciting to be shopping for things for my very own yard. like, the possibilities were endless. I can do whatever I want. that kind of freedom is very nearly terrifying. but not quite. I decided to wait for Chris to come along (we intend to go back in about two weeks, I think) to make any important flower decisions, but I bought some vegetables (cucumbers and brussel sprouts), a bunch of herbs, a pot of strawberries, some marigolds to keep rabbits out of my vegetables, and some snap dragons for my little tiny garden by the front stairs. I took a bunch of pictures of neat flowers to show Chris when I got home, so he could start thinking about what he might like to see in our yard. we also went to their pond and water garden store where there were lots of awesome water plants (including papyrus, which I want very badly) and fish and tadpoles. I am excited to make a pond, though I am not sure how to go about it without any outdoor electrical outlets...

when I got home I planted the herbs in the long herb box I bought. it was pretty cold and windy out there, so I didn't plant anything else. instead, I went inside and washed the dishes. I also removed my newly grown piles from the kitchen table and threw the tablecloth in the laundry. then I wiped down all of the kitchen counters and the stove, folded all of our clean clothes, and cleaned out the bathroom closet. this may seem like regular, everyday housework for most people, but for me it was an impressive feat of motivation. I was rather impressed with myself.

after that I took a walk with Kylie and Eli. she bought him a stroller and was excited to see how he would like it. he seemed to like it a lot, he didn't panic or yell or anything. it was pretty cold, though, so it was a short walk. I stayed at my parents' house for a dinner of scallops, which I had never eaten before. their texture totally weirded me out, but I was able to eat them if I cut them into small enough pieces. once I got past the texture, they actually tasted pretty good.

Chris finally came home around 7:30 and was impressed by all the things I had accomplished. we went to Queen City for dinner and then came home and almost immediately went to bed because we are old people. seriously, we were in bed by 10:45.

and that was my productive day. today was much less productive. I went to church with my mum, but that was pretty much it. well, I also sorted through one of my living room piles, which took quite a while.

it was a crazy church, though. it was huge, more like a venue than a church. and the service was more like an event that a church service. there was a lot of singing and clapping and excitement. I really enjoyed it.

Chris and I spent most of the day watching tv shows. we watched Ugly Americans and the first episode of Life. both were really good, in entirely different ways. I also took a nap, but it was only for half an hour. I am still pretty tired. I should probably go to bed.

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