Thursday, April 8, 2010

that was cat food!

I should really be sleeping...

so Steve helped me build a M:tG deck on Tuesday. it took over an hour; we recorded the process and may release it as a sort of episode 2.5 or something. last night I played it against him several times - I won two out of three games. not too bad, I think, but I am still not very good at making decisions. I think I was only as successful as I was because I kept asking him (and Chris) for advice before actually taking my turn. they wanted me to come to Friday Night Magic tomorrow, but I don't want to go until I can make my moves without asking opinions. here is my deck list. please do not tell me that it sucks:

25 land
4 raging ravine
4 rootbound crag
2 mountains
4 oran-rief
11 forests
25 creatures
4 bloodbraid elves
4 goblin guide
4 leathback baloth
4 nissa's chosen
2 elvish archdruid
4 rip-clan crasher
3 wolfbriar elemental
10 miscellaneous
4 lightning bolt
3 nissa revane
3 garruk wildspeaker

so there you have it. I would just like to remind everyone that I am doing this for a podcast. I still stand by my original opinions about the game, even though I was pretty excited about playing last night.

in other news, there are some sprouts in my garden. I will try and take some pictures this weekend. they are probably not very exciting to you, but they are very exciting to me. I hope the squirrel do not eat them - this place is crawling with squirrels.

in other other news, I have found some possible information about Gamesday 2011 here. it seems that Memphis, TN is a strong possibility for next year's location, or so these guys say. I am not overly excited by the idea. after all, what sort of attractions does Memphis have? probably nothing I like. well, except for a point Steve brought up - barbeque. he tells me that Memphis is one of the bbq captials of the country. I do enjoy bbq. so they've got that, at least. hrmph.

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