Sunday, May 23, 2010


so, I think we've got the kitten name narrowed down to three choices. the choices are: Bitey, Mako, and Magellan. I think they are all pretty good. thoughts?

yesterday I helped Meghan and Kim paint Kim's art room/office. after painting, we (and Chris and Bobby) went to Panda Heaven for dinner. I got the pineapple curried fried rice w/ chicken, which was just alright. I like the stuff from the Thai restaurant near my work better. I would definitely go again, but I would get something different. maybe the mango coconut rice? it is a dessert, but when has that ever stopped me? it was pretty cool in there, though. there were two separate hibachis going on, which was kinda scary. all those flames! we were not at the hibachi tables, though, we were just at a regular table. the table was a little too high and the chairs were a little too low... it was weird. oh, and I had sangria also, which was super awesome.

I (obviously) didn't go to D.C. (Chantilly) with Steve and Dustin. I figured I would be too bored all day while they played magic. plus, I was not willing to give up one of my remaining 1.5 days of vacation from work. ah well. they didn't win anything, from what I can gather, so that sucks.

anyway, gotta go watch Life After People w/ Chris. let me know what you think of the names!

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  1. they suck.
    I don't think any fit except bitey and that he'll probably go out of and isn't a name :P