Sunday, May 2, 2010


this has been a pretty good weekend, for the most part. yesterday morning, as you may have noted from my previous post, was idyllic. I went back in the house around 9:15 and woke Chris up and we went to Friendly's for breakfast. I haven't been there for breakfast in years, but I was not disappointed.

after that we went to the Fairgrounds Mall to see How To Train Your Dragon, which I have been wanting to see for about a month now. we got there a little early, so we headed over to Golden Eagle to browse around. it just so happened to be Free Comic Book Day, which was rather convenient.

the movie was great, I really enjoyed it. even Chris liked it! I think this had a lot to do with the complete absence of pop culture references. they are the reason that he doesn't usually enjoy cg movies like Shrek and the like. but yeah, it was a really good movie. it was cute, but there were also awesome dragons and the graphics was just amazing. I really liked that the dragons were so much like cats. I don't think dragons are often portrayed that way, but it really worked. it didn't hurt that Toothless looks just like my parents' cat, Spooky.

after that we went to the Berkshire Mall to look at our new living room set. looking back, I am not sure why we drove all the way to the other mall, since there is a Boscov's in the Fairgrounds Mall, but we did. turns out the set is on back order until the end of may. bummer. but we got the measurements for it and Chris is going to call tomorrow to see if we will be able to fit it through our tiny doors. while we were at the mall, we also bought a pretzel and I got sized for a ring. I am size 4.5, in case you were wondering.

our next stop was Lowe's to look at a number of different things. we needed a door handle for the screen door (you know, the one that has been broken since the day after we moved in), some spackle, and relevant spackling tools for the kitchen (Chris is intending to work on the kitchen during his upcoming week off from work). we also wanted to look at and price front doors, and get ideas for paint and wallpaper for the bedroom.

but this time it was 5:00 and we were pretty well exhausted so we went home. Chris installed the new door handle while I watched the cats for any attempted escape. then we ate dinner and went to SteveMikeBobby's. I had an okay time until Kim and Dustin left and Meghan disappeared off somewhere. then Steve went into the kitchen to play beer pong with everyone else and I was left alone in the living room wishing I could just go to bed. we didn't end up leaving until 2:00 am, which is pretty late for someone who has been up since 7:00 am. I don't think I'm really interested in going out there anymore if all we are going to do is drink. I got all the drinking out of my system in January and February, it's just kinda boring now.

today I went to church with my mum again and then visited at my parents' house for a while. my mum gardened while my dad and I sat watching her, enjoying the sunshine. I also picked up my green bean plants and the weed whacker. then I came home and waited for Chris to get back from his 40k game with Kyle. I took a nap, then we had a gourmet dinner of smiley fries and dinosaur chicken nuggets. I think this says it best, I am not an adult so much as I am a child with years of experience. not necessarily a bad thing, I think.

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