Saturday, May 29, 2010

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good morning. I am out on my 2nd story porch again. it is not nearly as nice out (or as early) as the last time I posted from out here, but it is still very peaceful. I woke up quite a while ago, but I was draped with cats and didn't have the heart to remove them. Mutz was on my feet, Mako (?) was across my knees, and Morgaine had reclaimed her spot on my head. that's right, all three cats were sleeping in the same 5' 6" area. hooray!

yesterday our new sofa was supposed to be delivered. if you follow my twitter, you will already know that it was too big to get through the door. a problem with tiny old houses is their tiny old door holes. seriously, this is pretty upsetting. so we had to return our beautiful perfect sofa. we spent last night trying to find a new one that we could agree on at the same store, so we could exchange instead of return, but it was to no avail. so I guess we will be hitting some furniture stores soon. I enjoy furniture stores, but I am really really bummed about this sofa.

this weekend is a weekend of picnics, which is pretty exciting. I seriously have a picnic to attend every day for the next three days. unfortunately, Chris has to work this entire weekend and Monday which suuuuuuucks. I hate his schedule so much sometimes.

well, I think I hear him wandering around inside. I had better go alert him of my location before he unwittingly locks me out here.

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