Saturday, June 26, 2010

click click

oh hey, look, it's me! can you even believe it? I cannot.

uhhhh, excuses... it was really hot all week and my motivation to do much of anything was a casualty. I did keep up with my aforementioned workout, shockingly enough, but that's about it. Chris came home one day when it was in the mid to high 90s and found me on the treadmill. he was all "you're even doing this in the heat?!?!" it was pretty funny.

I just uploaded the pictures of my day (last Saturday), and I'm going to be working on my ADiML as soon as I am finished with this apology post.

our new furniture should be here any minute. it was supposed to come between 10:00 and 12:00, but they are running late. I have to say, I did see that coming.

oh, and here is my sketch from last week.

this week's sketch will be up tomorrow. probably. we are going to the Celtic Fling tomorrow, so I may end up being too hot and tired to do much of anything when we get home. I will try my hardest.

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