Thursday, June 17, 2010

dreaming for me

I bet you are dying to see more pictures of my garden, aren't you? well, you are in luck! I harvested my first round of green beans tonight!
aren't they lovely? I cannot wait to eat them. they smell delicious. I don't think there will be nearly as many green beans as there are sugar peas, though, which is a shame. I am most definitely going to need a bigger vegetable garden next year. I require more green beans!

the cucumber plant has suddenly taken off.

it is vining out all over the place. hopefully the cucumbers themselves will turn out better than the one I had last year. it's amazing how much changes in a year, isn't it? hmm. these pictures make me realize that my garden is full of weeds. I will try to remedy this situation over the weekend. my patio is covered in weeds as well.

Art of the Avenue is this Saturday, I am pretty excited about it. I think I might do A Day in My Life on Saturday. I've been meaning to for a while and this seems like a good opportunity.

other than green beans, this has been a pretty boring week. it is long and dragging and I am glad it is almost over.

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