Friday, June 4, 2010

missing books

I was reading some posts from a blog I had a very long time ago and I came across this entry:

for the longest time I have been looking for a few books I read sometime between the years of 1998 and 2000. I had gotten them from the library, enjoyed them, and then returned them without thinking to write them down somewhere. now, many years later, I would like to read them again and am unable to find them. here are my very unhelpful descriptions:

1. a book about faeries in San Francisco. now, I know what you are thinking, but I mean real faeries. like, the fantasy kind. if it helps, I think some or all of the characters in the book who are people may enjoy punk music.

2. a book of short "scary" stories. there is a story about a kid getting out of a deal with the devil somehow, it might involve a red pen. it also might have stories that has something to do with wolves, a rescue team and a dead baby, and something about an Egyptian exhibit at a museum. or those may be in a different book of short stories.

3. a book that takes place in a world where every adult has disappeared. some sort of weird electronic pulse made them vanish. it also caused some people to have weird coloration, like the kid who is the main character, who has gold eyes. I thought that had something to do with the title of the book, something like "golden eyes" or something, but I can't seem to find anything.

4. a book about a girl who is living with her dad and stepmother. her real mother is dead, I think. they go to stay somewhere like wales or ireland or scotland. there is a ring where faeries come, maybe a stone ring, in the woods. there might be something having to do with her mother, I don't really remember.

5. a book about two kids, a boy and a girl, who may or may not be related. there are weird creatures living underground near them. they collect parts of people to replace their own, I think. for a reason I can't remember, the boy and girl end up going to their underground civilization. I don't remember everything that happens then, but I know the book ends with the boy giving up his eye or arm to them.

there. I know they are sometimes very vague, but those are the books I am looking for. I am going to post this on every blog and bulletin thingy I have access to, so don't be shocked to see it more than once.

so, I am still wondering about most of these. all of them, in fact, except number three. I found that one after extensive research. it is called Shade's Children. I read it again recently and it is still good, but not quite as awesome as I remember it being when I was fifteen. well, actually, I don't know that it isn't as good, really, just that it isn't exactly the plot I remembered. I think my memory took some liberties with the storyline over the years. so I would still recommend it, definitely.

but yeah, if anyone out there recognizes any of these plots, please let me know. I would love to find these books!

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