Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I did take pictures all day on Saturday, I just haven't posted them anywhere yet. it's a lot of work! I am aiming to have them up and finished on Saturday. maybe even Thursday. it all depends how busy I am.

I have been very busy because I have started this new workout that my sister sent to me. so the very little free time that I had previously is now mostly spent on working out. and then showering, because it is very hot in my house (and everywhere else). and Chris gets all in a mope when I blog while he is talking to me. or while we are eating dinner. or while we are watching a movie. he's so needy. but I'm working on getting into the swing of this new schedule. I feel like I have a lot more energy. last week my legs were killing me, but this week they are not really bothering me at all. I feel this is a great improvement.

...see? he just got home right now and he is already shouting for my attention. goodness. but yeah, I'm trying to work this scheduling thing out. argh.

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