Friday, July 2, 2010


his week has been a terrible, terrible week of busyness and unpleasantries. both our cars needed to be inspected by the end of June, so there was a lot of ridiculous car switching. Monday I had to wait for Chris to get out of work and then follow him to the car dealership so he could drop off his car. then I had to run home, feed the cats, and go directly to anime. Tuesday I had to drive him to work, pick him up from work, and drive to the car dealership so we could drop off my car and pick up his. then it was directly home to pick up Mako and take him for his vet appointment. then we took him home and went out shopping for curtains. Wednesday he had to drive me to work, pick me up, and then drive to the dealership so I could pick my car up. then it was home to feed the cats and directly back out to wings.

did I mention that Chris' inspection cost $660? and mine was $160? you may be wondering why in the world we went to the dealership for inspection - well, let me tell you. it is because Chris waited until 06/24 to make the appointments for us. none of the other places had anything open until mid-July, and I was not willing to drive around with an expired inspection sticker. I had been reminding him every day to schedule the appointments since the middle of May. I really do not understand what took so long.

but wait, there's more. ever since we came home from the vet (which cost another $160 - add that to this week's Ridiculous Expenditures list), Mako has been largely refusing to eat. and what he does eat, he vomits all over my nice new furniture. I imagine it is some sort of reaction to his rabies vaccination, but I am not sure. he is acting the same, what with the biting and all, he just also vomits a lot. on my furniture. I do not understand or know what to do about it. also, Morgaine has some sort of eye situation going on. she has an oozy eye last week, assumed to be brought on by a nearby kitten scratch. now it looks like the other eye has also gone gross. I am rather distressed.

then, last night at 10:30, Chris called and told me that he could not leave work because his car wouldn't shift into drive. his step-dad went out there and picked him up and also had is car towed somewhere (I am not entirely sure where it is right now), but he didn't get home til 2:00 am. and then he had to get up with me at 6:30 this morning so I could drive him to work. I can only imagine how tired he is right now.

and on top of all this, I am throwing a picnic on Saturday. a picnic for which I have still not purchased anything. so I know what I'll be doing all night - shopping. and my house has completely gone to crap over the last four days due to my neglect - I think I may have actually killed two of my houseplants w/ lack of water. so I have to straighten up every room of the house, clean up outside, make food... the list never ends. Kylie is going to come over and help me, which I really appreciate, but I really just wish I could sleep through this weekend.

so that is why I have not worked out, entered my calories on SparkPeople, or written any posts - because several aspects of my life have exploded.

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