Thursday, July 8, 2010


review time!

so, I went to see Walking With Dinosaurs last night at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA. thanks to a code on their facebook page, we were able to buy tickets a day early and had front row seats!!!!

let me just say that it was probably the best, most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. like, seriously. I would definitely (and hopefully will) see it again.

everything was so amazing and realistic. I was instinctively frightened at times, my body reacting of its own accord to duck out of the way as a liliensternus ran towards me and things like that. and they did come towards us. like, mere feet away. I think we had the best seats in the entire place. I felt like a jerk sitting up front when there were so many children sitting in the back row, but I felt like a happy jerk. I mean, come on. I've waited 22 years to see this. I deserve good seats!

if this had existed when I was small, I think they would have had a hard time removing me from that arena when it was over. even as an adult I was genuinely sad when it was over. for someone who has loved dinosaurs as long and as much as me, it was like a religious experience. it brought tears to my eyes. it is probably the closest I will ever get to seeing real dinosaurs (come on, cloning).

do you remember the first time you saw Jurassic Park and it was the most amazing thing ever? everything seemed so real that you felt things might be different if you went back and saw it again? that the dinosaurs were living beings and might react differently if given the opportunity? maybe this was something only I experienced, but this show brought this feeling back full-force. I felt like anything could happen, like the dinosaurs could go out of control and eat us - even though I knew that they were not real. my sister and my dad whole-heartedly agreed.

I just... wow. all those terrible things that have been plaguing me these last two weeks? completely wiped away. all the suffering was worth it to get to the dinosaurs. if I am sad, I simply think of the dinosaurs.

I would suggest that anyone who loves dinosaurs should go out right now and buy tickets. run, don't walk. I don't care how old you are or how lame you think you'll look attending without children. it is worth it.

here, enjoy some really crappy pictures that I took. I apologize for the quality, it was very dark and I was very shaky.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much. My heart swells. Love you tons.