Friday, July 23, 2010

falling out

hey there.

still pretty sad over here. more things just keep piling on me and I am largely at a loss for what to do. mostly I just want to draw, and I have been. so that's good, I guess. I am trying not to let things fall as deeply into disrepair in my house, and I think I'm doing an okay job. I mean, I can still see the top of my table and most of the counters, so that's an improvement right there. I'll maybe wash the dishes when I am done posting here.

mostly it's a struggle to do anything, so I'm trying to focus on happy things.

it has rained a bit this week, which is good since I have not been out in the yard to water my gardens since my fireworks picnic several weekends ago. from what I can see out the window, the weeds have largely reclaimed the patio. and don't even ask about the front gardens. I see those every day on my way out to the car and they are almost entirely weeds with some snap dragons thrown in for color. even if I wasn't so unmotivated, I think it would be far too hot to go outside and fix it. my aloe plant almost died from overwatering/lack of space, but I re-potted it and it seems to be recovering quickly. so that's a success story, I suppose.

Steve and I are supposed to go for another bike ride tomorrow morning. and then I am going to Magic with him (and Chris) to observe a draft. this will be material for our next podcast. after that, there's a family picnic. a busy, busy day, as usual.

I hope July is over soon. I hope August is better.

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