Sunday, July 18, 2010

on furniture and family and bike rides

so we bought that armoire, right?

well, let me tell you something. I will never buy furniture from Raymour & Flanigan again, if I can help it. they are less than helpful and, at times, downright rude. let me tell you about it. when we went there on Tuesday, Chris expressed interest in the armoire. the guy who had assigned himself to us (let me give you a quick explanation here. when you enter the store, all the employees are standing around in front of the door. one of them will break away from the crowd and run over to give you his card and tell you to find him if you need any help. then this employee will follow you around the store, keeping just far enough away that you can see him out of the corner of your eye, but he is gone by the time you turn around. it is very creepy.) just kind of looked us when Chris told him we wanted to buy it. when we eventually cajoled him into looking at the armoire in question, the only thing he told us is that we would have to arrange for delivery ourselves since they do not deliver floor models. this alone is ridiculous, because we got the floor model at Fecera's and they had no problems delivering it. I would strongly recommend Fecera's if you need furniture. much better then R&F.

but anyway, we said that was fine. Chris asked how we would go about picking it up, and the guy said "well, first you'd have to pay for it." and he wasn't joking or trying to be funny, he was completely serious. this offended me. I mean, yes, it is a pretty expensive piece of furniture. but I don't really appreciate his inference that we wouldn't be able to pay for it when I am flashing my cash in his face. I mean, I understand Chris and I don't really look like responsible adults most of the time. and I understand I still sometimes look young enough to get carded at movies. but still, a customer is a customer. yeesh. so we put a $10 deposit on it to make sure they didn't sell it out from under us.

so when we went back on Thursday to pick it up (thank goodness for Kyle and his truck) we went to the desk to ask where we should pick it up. do you know what the guy said to us? "you have to pay the remaining balance first." oh man, really? I thought the $10 we gave you on Tuesday was enough! seriously, what is it with these guys? do they really think I wouldn't remember that I owed them a significant chuck of money? and then when we did go out to the loading dock, the guy just kind of rolled it out and stood there while Chris and Kyle tried to figure out what to do with this monstrous piece of furniture. eventually he took pity on them and gave them some pointers, but still.

so anyway, with the help of Dustin, the armoire was placed in my house. unfortunately, it was on the wrong side of the room, since we didn't have a chance to move the furniture around on Thursday. I was afraid it would stay that way forever, but I underestimated the determination of my mum and sister.

they came over on Saturday to move the living room around, install an air conditioner, and generally whip me into shape. as I mentioned before, my house had gone to complete crap due to my crippling depression, so they helped me to clean all the things! now all my dishes are washed and I can see the counters and table in the kitchen! my house looks like real grown-ups live in it. hooray! now I just have to try and keep it this way...

after all that excitement, I went on a bike ride with Steve. he has been riding his bike for a while, and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. also, riding bikes on trails with friends is a thing I have always wanted to try. so we went to the Schuylkill River Trail and rode from Reading to Gibraltar. yeah, that's right - 4 miles! and then we rode all the way back - 4 more miles! that's a total of 8 miles! in an hour! I am pretty pleased with myself, as I have not ridden a bike in probably four years. and I am not even sore! well, except for my butt. that hurts quite a bit due to my stupid seat. but that has nothing to do with out of shape muscles. so yeah, I am rather proud of myself. I definitely want to do this again. I feel better than I have in weeks; exercise endorphins are serious business.

also, on the subject of workouts and such, I have lost 5 pounds, an inch in my waist, and two inches in my hips since (half0heartedly) starting my workout. not too bad, I think, especially since I haven't been very good about it the last few weeks. just imagine how well I could do if I actually worked out? man. it's pretty encouraging. for now, I am feeling very motivated.

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