Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm still awake!

today Chris and I went to IHOP for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  we both got the new york cheesecake pancakes - they are just about the best thing ever.  like, seriously.  they are a stumbling block to me.  you see, I would like to try so many other things on the menu, but I cannot make it past the first page.  Chris and I swore a solemn oath that we will both order a non-breakfast item the next time we go there.  after that we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to check out their bathroom accessories.  we found a whole bunch of really neat sets that we liked - I cannot wait until it is time to buy them.  our bathroom is going to be the best bathroom ever.

after that we went to the Halloween Adventure store.  Chris was trying to get ideas for a costume, but instead he thought up a really awesome costume for me!  I am dying to talk about it, but I think I will keep it a secret.  I also think I will have two costumes this year- one for my party and one for answering the door for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  I think for answering the door I will be the bride of Frankenstein.  or maybe I will leave that for next year.  I am not sure.  so many things to plan for October!  I need to decorate my porch, put together a menu for my party, decorate for my party, get my costume together, help Chris get his costume together...  the list never ends.  and on top of that, there are a bunch of autumn activities I would like to do in October as well.  I want to go to Green Valley Nursery, Weavers Orchard, the Home & Garden Expo, the Ren Faire...  it is going to be a busy month.  goodness, I am exhausted just thinking about it!

speaking of exhausted, you may notice that I am up way past my bedtime.  that is because my parents are currently 39,000 feet in the air, traveling towards Paris at 655 mph.  how can I be expected to sleep when I know that sort of craziness is going on?  somehow I feel that my obsessive tracking of their flight will help to keep the plane in the air.  and my wonderful Chris is staying up with me.  he's been really great today, suggesting we go to all of those shopping places when I know he would have rather been at home painting Mike's avatar.  and he continues to comfort me every time I become weepy for seemingly no reason, even though he thinks plane trips are not a big deal.  seriously, that guy's pretty great.  but don't tell anyone - it will ruin his image.

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