Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en Party

the Halloween party was a big success - or at least it was to me!  I was so happy to see everyone in costume!

Kylie and I spent the day making pumpkin seeds, coagulated blood dip, and a flayed head.

Meghan came over to help us decorate.  I just can't get over how well everything turned out.  I'll make a slideshow as soon as I can get the rest of the photos from Kylie.  she was my photographer for the night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

hope he doesn't mind

Chris and I carved our pumpkins tonight:

some of you may already know this (some of you being my mum, dad, and sister), but I have carved the same face on my pumpkin every year since 1998.  my OCD sometimes causes unrelated occurrences to link together and renders me unable to change certain things for reasons that don't make any sense to your average person. pumpkin carving was one of those things...

until now.  this year, I carved a different face on my pumpkin.  I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most of you, but it was very difficult for me.  if it wasn't for Chris cheering me on, I probably would not have done it.  but the way I figure, I have started a new chapter in my life.  this is the first pumpkin I have carved in this house that I own.  I think this is as good a time as any to let up on one of my bizarre compulsions.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

money diary - week three (10/15 - 10/21)

third week down:

Gas for Car: $20.01
Restaurant Food: $52.05
Alcohol: $9.53
Halloween Party Supplies: $13.78
Powerball Tickets: $3.00
Credit Card Payment: $40.00

this week's grand total is only $138.37 - even less than last week!  next week, though, will include my mortgage payment, so I imagine that will take care of any prideful feelings that I have about this relatively cheap week.  life is expensive!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sketch #43

this week's sketch mostly doesn't have a theme. the top picture(s)are of the same person and are an attempt at trying out a body that is different from my go-to body types. this is something I know I have trouble with and am trying to improve.

the bottom four are some character sketches for a comic I have been considering for the last three years. every now and then I get this intense urge to do a webcomic, but usually it fades quickly. this time, though, it seems to be sticking around...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

decorating is hard

so I've somehow managed to get behind w/ my holiday decorating.  I had hoped that if I started thinking about what I wanted to do waaaay before the holiday I would have enough time.  that maybe my laziness and general inability to pull things together would be equaled out by my preemptive planning.  no such luck.  I was collecting ideas for my halloween party back in August, yet here it is - a week until my party - and I still haven't even bought most of the supplies I will need.  I don't even have a costume!  I really don't understand how time gets away from me so fast.

so I guess I have to buy things early as well.  and plan a concrete day to actually put them up.  I had sort of planned to put my porch decorations up last Friday, but it was waaaaay too windy to try and string up spiderwebs.  also I didn't have most of the items I would need.  ugh.

I already know what I want to do for fall/November/Thanksgiving, but again - I need to buy the things I intend to use to decorate.  I need two corn stalk bundles, gourds (which I did buy on Fall Activities Day), some pumpkins (hopefully I can just use the reverse side of the pumpkins we carve), and maybe a hay bale or two.  I wish I had some sort of rustic bench or table for the front porch as well, but that might be asking a bit much.  I'll have to keep an eye out next time we go antiquing.  I wonder how much a bench like that costs...

anyway, that's the list of things I need to purchase by 11/01, along with all the last minute halloween things.  this is all very distressing, what with the money diary and all.  I don't want to know how much money I am wasting jsut to decorate my house.  but alas, it must be done.

oh, and maybe I'd also like some fall leaf garland.  my parents had some, I think.  I wonder where they got it...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

money diary - week two (10/08 - 10/14)

here is the breakdown of my spending for the second week of October:

My Portion of Groceries: $37.00
Hay ride @ Weaver's Orchard: $4.00
My portion of the Comcast Bill: $33.56
My portion of the Electric Bill: $27.97
Restaurant Food: $32.64
Pumpkin & Gourds: $10.47
Halloween Party Supplies: $12.70
Housekeeping: $15.00
Go Daddy: $3.99
Powerball Tickets: $3.00

this week's total is $180.33 - much more reasonable than last week's $485.52.  $180.33 is a number I can live with, not a number that sends me into fits.  that being said, I am still really struggling with the difficulty of spending normally.  keeping track of these expenditures instinctively makes me want to spend more.  I think that in November I will do another money diary - but this time I will purposefully try to save money.  that way I can find out where I can realistically save without it being a complete downer.


at work we are re-listening to The Gathering storm in preparation for the release of Towers of Midnight. in honor of this, I decided to sketch a few Aiel characters.

as a person with red-blonde hair and light eyes, you can't blame me for having a soft spot for the Aiel.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


so Chris and I (but mostly Chris) tried to make crescent chicken for dinner tonight.  for those of you not in the know, crescent chicken is an amazing chicken/cream cheese concotion that is spooned into a crescent, folded up into a convenient pocket, and baked to perfection.

...well, they're usually perfection...

we just so happened to be really bad at folding crescents.  also, we did not buy enough crescents, so we improvised with some buscuits. 

they may look a little iffy, but let me assure you - they were delicious.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


here it is - my late sketch for last week!

I'm not entirely sure what this drawing portrays - you'll have to forgive me, it's been about 18 years. if the rest of the notebook is any indication, though, this is some Baby-sitters Club fan art. I'm pretty sure this is Claudia and some children she is babysitting.  you see, not much has changed. Even at eight I was drawing pictures based on books I was reading. at least I am consistent.

Monday, October 11, 2010


greetings!  I know I am late with my sketch, but I have a super-special retro edition sketch in mind for this week.  my mum brought over a box of my old stuff from the basement and inside were a bunch of drawings from 1st - 3rd grade.  I had intended to scan them today, but instead I fell asleep on the sofa.  and now I am at SteveMikeBobby's house, so it's just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

until then, perhaps you would like to check out some free newsletter templates?  newsletters are a great way to share information with co-workers, family, friends, and clients - and these particular templates are the best!

also, as requested, I have put a permanent link to The Hateful Hovel over on the sidebar.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

money diary - week one (10/01 - 10/07)

so the first week of October is over and I have been very diligently recording all of my purchases.  so far, my grand total for the week is $485.52 - rather alarming!  but don't get too frightened for me - it is not all impulse buys.  here is the breakdown:

Ren Faire Admission: $25.00
Movie Tickets: $19.00
My Portion of the Oil Bill: $66.50
Car Payment: $271.96
Gas for Car: $20.01
Restaurant Food: $59.35
Powerball Tickets: $2.00
Kylie's Birthday Gift: $21.70

honestly, I am a little upset at my restaurant spending.  I mean yes, I did include my ren faire food in that column, but that's still a lot for one week.  especially for a week when I didn't even go out to eat all that often.  I hope next week is a better week for this column.  also, I don't go to the ren faire or movies every week, so the entertainment column is higher than it usually would be.  but that is why I am doing this for a whole month - to get a better idea of my average spending.

the hardest thing, I think, is not letting the fact that I am recording my expenditures affect what I spend.  like I look at that total for the week and I think "wow, I'd better not buy anything else this week" - but that's defeating the purpose.  I can adjust my spending after I figure out my biggest spending problems.

but nonetheless - here's to hoping next week's total is lower (but it probably won't be)!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've been feeling kind of guilty lately about my lack of domesticity.  there are a lot more girls in the group all of a sudden, and seeing all of them (both new and old) constantly make food and clean things has left me wondering why that part of myself seems to be missing.  I mean, I am pretty sure I could cook/bake things if I wanted to, and the things I have cooked/baked in the past have all been pretty good (if I do say so myself), but the desire is just not there most of the time.  occasionally I get the urge, but it is usually only because I have seen other ladies doing it and feel as though I should.  peer pressure!

I went over to my parents' house the other day and was nearly knocked flat by the delicious smells as soon as I opened the door.  apples baking, chicken roasting...  I had forgotten how much I missed those smells until that very moment.  unfortunately, I really don't want to be the one providing the smells, I just want to come home to them.  I don't want to bake the pies and roast the chickens, I want them to be waiting for me when I arrive home after a long day of work.  Chris says that this is easily fixed - I just need to make enough money so that he can stay home and be my house husband.  I am lucky to have a guy who disregards gender roles as much as I do.  this doesn't change the fact, however, that I sometimes feel that he must be sad to have gotten such a backwards lady when all the other guys have domestic goddesses at their beck and call.

and don't even get me started on cleaning!  I go on cleaning sprees sometimes, but it only out of desperation and disgust.  there is no feeling of duty and honor, or whatever it is housewives feel when they are making their homes spotless showpieces of domestic pride.  I just want someone else to come in and take care of it.  I want a nice house, don't get me wrong.  but I want the house to just be nice when I come home to it.  I do not have the time or energy to work nine hours a day and then come home and clean.  and I don't even have any children!  I don't understand how my parents did it.  I am constantly reminded of how amazing they are.  seriously - at my age, my parents had already had me and my sister.  that is insane.  INSANE!  I don't know if I could ever handle that, let alone handle it now.  goodness.

but I am trying very hard to care more about these household things.  I mean, I don't think I'll ever be some 1950s style housewife, but I could at least wash the dishes and heat up a frozen pizza every now and then.

Monday, October 4, 2010

late sketch!

here's my sketch for last week.  I didn't get to post it last night since I was busy doing things.

these are my takes on two of the characters from Five Little Pigs and some extra lady that I just felt like drawing. can you guess which is which?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

money diary

you may have noticed, if you follow my twitter, that I have been making Money Diary tweets.  This is because I am keeping a money diary of all my spending for the month of October.

inspired by these money diaries, my co-worker and I have occasionally done weekly money diaries, but this time I decided that it would be interesting to do it for a whole month.  that way I'd get a better feel for how much I am spending on average throughout the year.

I will not be twittering all of my expenditures, that would just be annoying.  it will be only the things I buy while I am out - which, I imagine, will mostly be food.  this way I will not forget to enter anything on my money diary spreadsheet when I get home.  bills and stuff will be easy to remember, so I will not need to tweet them.

I am super excited to see what the results are at the end of the month.  don't worry, I will share them here when the month is up - no matter how appalling they are.