Saturday, October 9, 2010

money diary - week one (10/01 - 10/07)

so the first week of October is over and I have been very diligently recording all of my purchases.  so far, my grand total for the week is $485.52 - rather alarming!  but don't get too frightened for me - it is not all impulse buys.  here is the breakdown:

Ren Faire Admission: $25.00
Movie Tickets: $19.00
My Portion of the Oil Bill: $66.50
Car Payment: $271.96
Gas for Car: $20.01
Restaurant Food: $59.35
Powerball Tickets: $2.00
Kylie's Birthday Gift: $21.70

honestly, I am a little upset at my restaurant spending.  I mean yes, I did include my ren faire food in that column, but that's still a lot for one week.  especially for a week when I didn't even go out to eat all that often.  I hope next week is a better week for this column.  also, I don't go to the ren faire or movies every week, so the entertainment column is higher than it usually would be.  but that is why I am doing this for a whole month - to get a better idea of my average spending.

the hardest thing, I think, is not letting the fact that I am recording my expenditures affect what I spend.  like I look at that total for the week and I think "wow, I'd better not buy anything else this week" - but that's defeating the purpose.  I can adjust my spending after I figure out my biggest spending problems.

but nonetheless - here's to hoping next week's total is lower (but it probably won't be)!

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