Sunday, October 17, 2010

money diary - week two (10/08 - 10/14)

here is the breakdown of my spending for the second week of October:

My Portion of Groceries: $37.00
Hay ride @ Weaver's Orchard: $4.00
My portion of the Comcast Bill: $33.56
My portion of the Electric Bill: $27.97
Restaurant Food: $32.64
Pumpkin & Gourds: $10.47
Halloween Party Supplies: $12.70
Housekeeping: $15.00
Go Daddy: $3.99
Powerball Tickets: $3.00

this week's total is $180.33 - much more reasonable than last week's $485.52.  $180.33 is a number I can live with, not a number that sends me into fits.  that being said, I am still really struggling with the difficulty of spending normally.  keeping track of these expenditures instinctively makes me want to spend more.  I think that in November I will do another money diary - but this time I will purposefully try to save money.  that way I can find out where I can realistically save without it being a complete downer.

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