Tuesday, November 16, 2010


for a while now I have had a vague yearning for a Keurig machine.  recently, though, it has become a more persistent need.  Saturday did not help.

on Saturday, while Chris and I were shopping for bathroom accessories, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond.  at BB&B, there was a Keurig lady giving out samples and doing demonstrations.  I thought we'd get a little sample size, but no - she gave us each a full cup of free coffee (or tea, in my case).  she also explained the finer points of Keurig use, which was nice.  we both acted like we had never heard of a Keurig and I think it really paid off.  I mean, not only did we get free drinks, but I did learn some new things about them.   I had been intending to buy one, eventually, but probably only the cheapest one.  the sales lady told us that the Keurig B-70 B70 Platinum can not only be programmed to shoot out a warm cup of coffee for me automatically every morning, but it also has a special iced tea/coffee setting.  this excites me more than I can properly express in words.

needless to say, I will definitely be buying one now, hopefully on Black Friday.  and probably the platinum.  so that Keurig lady did a good job, I think.

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