Tuesday, November 2, 2010

money diary - week four (10/22 - 10/31)

so here it is, the last week of my October money diary.  yes, this week is a few day longer than a week should be, but it seemed silly to do a post for a tiny week portion.  so I just lumped it all together and you're just going to have to live with it.

now, on with the run-down:

My Portion of Groceries: $72.28
Movie Ticket: $7.00
My Portion of the Mortgage: $523.90
My Portion of the Gas Bill: $8.04
Gas for Car: $20.01
My Portion of Cell Phone Bill: $93.43
Restaurant Food: $61.17
Halloween Party Supplies: $57.60
Halloween Candy: $6.06
My Portion of Storage Ottoman: $40.64
Student Loan: $37.80
Mice for Snake: $5.28
Housekeeping: $15.00
Alcohol for Halloween Party: $48.61

that's a grand total of $996.82!!!  wow, that's a lot.  I mean, I was expecting a lot, but still.  That's impressive and terrifying. in fact, I think that's more than the other three weeks combined!  wow.

but anyway, if you add them all up, my total for the month is $1801.04!  that's a daily average of $58.10, for those of you who like to obsessively break things down the way I do.

this little money diary experiment was pretty exciting.  mostly my spending is pretty much in line with what I expected, but it is interesting to see everything in spreadsheet form.  for example, I know that this month I spent more on restaurant food than I did on utilities.  that's interesting, don't you?  it just really puts things into perspective.

another thing about the money diary is that I really enjoyed tracking everything I spent.  I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I am going to continue doing it in November.  don't worry, I have no intention of doing weekly blog posts about it this time.  however, when January rolls around, you can expect to see weekly posts again.  in January I intend to try and cut down on unnecessary expenses to see what I can do to (reasonably) cut costs.  it'll be fun!

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