Monday, November 15, 2010


Chris and I had a rough Saturday night.  some time after we went to bed, I heard a sound downstairs.  it sounded like someone (or something) banging against metal.  maybe the railing on the side porch?  or perhaps something banging around in the basement?  I waited a few seconds and heard it again.  at this point I frantically started trying to wake Chris, which took several minutes because he can sleep through anything.  eventually, though, he was roused and we went downstairs to investigate in our pajamas.  he had a sword, I had my trusty axe.

we couldn't find any signs of break-in, but the back porch light was on nonetheless.  you see, the switch to the porch light is inside the house.  totally weird.  we went back upstairs and after a few minutes we heard it again.  in a panic, we ran back downstairs.  even with another full house inspection (basement and attic included) we could not find anything amiss.  with nothing else to be done, we went back to bed.  Chris fell asleep after about twenty minutes, but I strained to hear suspicious sounds until I eventually succumbed to exhaustion.

when we went to bed the following night, I was still pretty nervous.  if we could have just found a cause for the sound I would have been okay.  but finding nothing except a lit back porch light?  that's a bit troubling.  this is going to sound dumb, but the only thing I could think of was Paranormal Activity 2, which we saw a few weeks ago.  perhaps a demon or ghost was after us. feeling sheepish, I mentioned this to Chris.

"yeah," he said.  "I was thinking the same thing."

this sent me into an unrelenting panic.  you see, when you think of these things as a child, you have parents to protect you and explain things away.  now, however, I have Chris to protect me.  and to tell me that yes, he also suspects that the bumps in the night are probably caused by ghosts and/or demons.

not terribly reassuring.

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