Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Back in November, the same night Chris ran into a wall and needed five stitches in his head, I lost a diamond from my engagement ring.  In fact, I lost it at the hospital.  On Sunday,I lost another while putting clothes away in my closet.  And when I got to work yesterday, I realized a third was missing.

Now luckily we got the protection plan, which includes stone replacement, but there is a problem.  The plan states that I have to bring it in for cleaning and inspection every six months.  I have only had it since September, but Chris bought it back in May.  Ooops.  Chris called them about it yesterday and they said it should be fine, but I am skeptical.  I'm going to be pretty upset it I have to pay to replace three diamonds.

I've decided not to wear it until it is fixed, for fear that I will slowly lose all of my diamonds over the course of the next month.  It feels really weird to have a naked ring finger.  We really should have my second engagement ring re-sized so that I can alternate when I need to take them in for cleaning.  How will everyone know that I am engaged if there is nothing on my fiiiiiiiinger?

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