Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Harrowing Tale

Today was a scary day.  It snowed last night, but all the roads in my town were clear and wonderful and mostly just wet.  Awesome.

It was carpooling day, so I thought it would be safe for me to drive Chris and I to work.  Got on the highway - no problem.  Got off the highway at the exit to drop Chris off for work - not so great.  The closer we got to his owrkplace,the worse the roads became.  I was weeping in terror.  My car is terrible in the snow, no matter what anyone thinks.  Just because it is a crossover doesn't mean it is good in the snow.  It is front wheel drive, just like any other regular car.  Next car I get will totally be all wheel drive, but this one is not.  Plus my tires are not great and neither are my brakes.  Plus I just get panicky in the car.  So.  Yeah.  It wasn't fun.

Obviously we both got to work safely, but it was still pretty scary.

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