Thursday, February 17, 2011


Chris and I went to KFC for dinner on Monday.  Or rather, I should say that we tried to go to KFC for dinner.  When it was my turn to order, I told the cashier that I would like the grilled breast and wing meal.  I was politely informed that they were out.  "Out of grilled?" I asked.  No.  Out of breasts and wings of any variety.  And they were also out of chicken strips.  Kentucky Fried Chicken was effectively out of chicken (I don't eat dark meat, it grosses me out).  It would have been funny if this had not happened to me the last three times I had been there.  I seriously cannot remember the last time I went to KFC and just gotten the thing I ordered.  Seriously.  How hard can it be to keep your Kentucky Fried Chicken stocked with chicken?

And it's not like we were there at midnight or anything.  It was 7:00 pm, which I would consider to be prime dinner-buying time.  Shouldn't they be better prepared to sell people the chicken they desire for dinner?  And it took near forever to get the food Chris ordered.  I saw at least five people working behind the counter - why did it take fifteen minutes for them to fill up a single Big Box meal?  I just don't understand.

I may have flipped out a bit because the manager came out and gave me a voucher for a free breast and wing meal the next time I go there.  Assuming they ever actually have breasts and wings, that is.

P.S.  I ended up getting Arby's for dinner, in case you were wondering.

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