Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Experience Needed

A friend of mine has recently delved into the world of online dating.  I'm not sure if he reads this or not, but I'll refrain from mentioning any names just in case.  He hadn't had much luck up until last week, but now he has a date scheduled for tomorrow (or so I hear).

He's been asking the ladies of the group for tips, and just my minor involvement in the process has been a lot of fun.  It made me wonder if I had missed out on something in my limited fating experience.  You see, I have only been out on dates with tree people in my life and I'll be marrying one of the three next year.  The other two were also friends of mine.  I've never been on a date with someone I haven't first known as a friend.  Is that weird?  I am beginning to get the feeling that it is.

I was discussing this with Steve the other day and he was all "yeah, duh, I totally understand" and I had to laugh - he is one of the other two guys with whom I've been on dates.  And now he's dating another friend of ours who we've known for years.  He's just as backwards as I am and probably not the best person to ask about this subject.  But nonetheless, I think that we (Steve and I) are the luck ones, even if we are weird.  I mean, who wants to be forced to interact with a stranger anyway?  Not me, that's for sure.  Sounds way too stressful.  How disastrously it could end!  You might have nothing in common.  You might sit there and stare at each other uncomfortably.  You might hate each other.  So awkward!  At least you already know that you enjoy being around your friend.  So even if you don't hit it off romantically, you'll still spend the evening hanging out with your friend.  Regular dating sounds pretty terrible and scary if you ask me.  I don't know how you normal people do it.

And who wants to have to approach a stranger in the first place?  That sounds horrible and embarrassing.  And where do you find these strangers?  At least online dating makes these things easier.  You don't actually have to go anywhere.  And if you email someone and they don't email you back?  None of the humiliation of being turned down in person.  But just I don't want to actually do any online dating doesn't mean it doesn't fascinate me.  I enjoy the research that has been done about online dating - ther are charts and everything!  And I like to see the wide variety of weirdos, er, people that are out there.  And I'm especially interested in the actual process of going on dates with someone you've only just met.  The sheer amount of information you'd have to exchange in order make an informed opinion of someone would take tons of dates - how exhausting!  And what if you decided they we're right for you after all that time?  What a waste!  It is much better to date someone you've known for years.  You get all that terrible "getting to know you" crap out of the way before you even go on one date.  So much easier.

I wish someone would make a documentary about this.  Maybe there is one and I just haven't heard of it yet.  Or maybe I should go buy a video camera and stalk my friend on his date tomorrow...

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