Friday, March 25, 2011

Celtic Women

On Monday night, I went with mu mum and aunt to see Celtic Woman - Songs From The Heart at the Reading Eagle Theater.  We had pretty good seats on the floor.  I could see very well from our row.

They sang a wide variety of traditional songs, modern music, and songs written spefically for this tour.  Most memorable to me were Fields of Gold, Lullabye (goodnight My Angel), and Danny Boy.  These all reduced me to tears.  I also really enjoyed Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears and Dúlamán.

My mum and aunt seems to prefer the voices of Lisa Kelly and Chloë Agnew, but I really liked Lisa Lambe.  Her voice wasn't as... clear as the other two?  But it had a sort of otherworldly, lively quality that I really enjoyed.  Which isn't to say I didn't like the other two, I definately did.  I just think Lisa Lambe wasn't getting the respect she deserved.

Speaking of respect, let me just mention how totally in awe I was of Máiréad Nesbitt, the violinist.  She just, like, runs around playing the violin.  Literally running.  I would be hard pressed to move around like that and still be able to breathe, let alone also playing the violin.  And she was wearing heels!  It was unbelievable!

In short, I would definitely see these ladies again any time.

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