Saturday, March 26, 2011

Golden Oaks and the Reading Country Club

Today I went with my sister and my mum to see the other two possible choices for my wedding/reception.  Our first appointment was at Golden Oaks.  The building was really nice, with stone and old beams.  I believe it is a converted barn.  It's really pretty and rustic.  The only downside is that the main room only seats about 70.  So thirty of our guests and the DJ/dance floor would be out on the enclosed deck.  Which is fine, I mean, it is heated and has a lot of windows looking out onto beautiful scenery.  I was really just hoping to keep everything in one room to avoid separating everyone.

Next we went to the Reading Country Club.  My cousin-uncle got had his reception there and I really liked it, and I was really still pretty in love with it when we went to the wedding expo there a few months ago.  And when we were there again today, I still really loved it.  There is a cocktail room and a bar room and a room down the hall where the bridal party can hang out if the wedding gets to be too much, which is highly possible with my low stress-tolerance.  The menu looks good and all the packages include an open bar, which is awesome.  And, for weddings in January - March, they are offering $500 towards your honeymoon, which is also a nice touch.

Honestly, I am really leaning mostly towards the Reading Country Club at this point.  the other part of me likes the Rajah, but I have some concerns about the parking situation as I've mentioned before.  I have to talk it over with Chris so we can make a decision.  My mum took videos of all three places, so I'll have those up for you guys too look over as soon as she sends them to me.

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