Saturday, March 12, 2011


The other day I was called stupid for buying Powerball tickets.  I would have to be stupid, I was told, to actually believe that I ever have a chance of winning.  Imagine how much money I would save if I just put my Powerball ticket money in a jar every week instead!  Not much, actually.

You see, I buy one Powerball ticket fore each drawing.  There are two drawings per week.  Each ticket costs $1.  So that's $104 per year.  Big deal.  Even if I play the Powerball twice a week every week until I am 80, that's still only $5512.  Really not all that impressive.

What some people fail to understand is that I am not buying Powerball tickets because I think it is a legitimate and reliable way to make money.  I know very well that it is not.  I am paying $2 a week for hope.  If I buy a Powerball ticket, there is the chance (however small) that I will wake up the next morning to a brand new way of life.  That I'll be able to pay off my house and travel the world and never work another day of my life.  Let's be realistic - there is probably no way I am ever going to make $20 million in a year.  It's just not going to happen.  But for two measly dollars a week, I still have a tiny little chance of making it happen.  I think that's a bargain.

I'm not stupid, I'm just not ready to resign myself to a life of drudgery just yet.

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