Monday, March 21, 2011

Rajah Theater

Yesterday we (me, Chris, my mu, my dad, and Kylie) went to check out the old Rajah Theater, which is now the Sovereign Performing Arts Center, as a location for the wedding/reception.  I really like that it is an historic building, obviously.  That's kind of my thing.  There are three rooms from which to choose.  The first room is a large room with an arched ceiling, tall windows, and polished wood floors.  The second room has a high ceiling with exposed pipes, a balcony, and a stage.  The third room has an ornate ceiling, lots of windows, and a carpeted floor with a tiled dance floor.  I really like the first room as the location for the actual ceremony, since Chris and I don't belong to a church.  The second room is a little large for my purposes, since we will have 100 people or less.  The third room would be just about perfect for the reception.

I've been looking through the catering packet and the food options look pretty good and decently priced.  There are tons of possibilities, from various themed buffets to served dinners to specialty food stations.  I'll have to look at it more closely with Chris, but I am sure we will find something to suit us perfectly.

The only thing I don't like about it is the location.  It is in the middle of the city.  There is a parking garage, but it is a block or two away.  It didn't seem like such a big deal yesterday, but that might be a different story in January.  It cold be a little too cold to make guests walk all that way, especially if there is snow on the ground.  It's something to think about.

We have two more appointments next weekend - one at the Reading Country Club and one at Golden Oaks Golf Club.  Originally I had narrowed my choices down to five locations, but it looks like two of them have been vetoed...  That's fine, since I can't even remember which places they were,  I mustn't have been too excited about them!

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