Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taste of Crepes

On Sunday, before the aforementioned jog at the museum, Kim and I went to Taste of Crepes on Penn Ave in West Reading.  It's very exciting to me that we've been to Penn Ave twice this month, since it's something we've talked about doing for just about ever but never actually got around to until now.  I hope this trend of following through with things we talk about continues.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Taste of Crepes.  So.  We got there a little after noon and were seated immediately.  It's a tiny little place, but they've got four or five little tables in there without making it feel too cramped.  I had been intending to have a banana nutella crepe, which I've had before at Art on the Avenue.  However, when we were given menus, I saw that they have a breakfast section that isn't listed on their website - and they serve breakfast all day!  So I just had to try the bacon, egg, and cheese crepe.  Kim chose the strawberry nutella.  She also got a gourmet hot chocolate.  I decided upon tea as my beverage (shockingly enough), and they had a wide selection from which to choose.  I went with English Breakfast (another shock).  The food and drinks came out decently fast, and everything was quite delicious.  Mine was so large that I couldn't even finish the whole thing!  But I gave it a good try.  The crepe itself was soft and sweet (but not too sweet), and perfectly cooked.  The egg was also cooked to perfection.  The bacon was crunchy, not chewy.  It was pretty much perfect.  Kim even liked it and she doesn't care for scrambled eggs.

The environment was so charming and homey that we stuck around talking long after our crepes were gone.  I felt kinda bad about it since there were so few chairs and we were tying up two of them.  There were also some tables outside, but it was still too cold to sit outside.  I can't wait until it is warm enough to dine in the outdoors.  Eating outside is one of my favorite things about the spring/summer.

I will definitely be going back to Taste of Crepes.  I am hoping I can convince Chris to go with me next time, even though he seems to have some sort of personal vendetta against breakfast.  Wish me luck.

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