Friday, April 1, 2011


I am turning 27 this year, but still get inordinately excited about my birthday.  I know most people my age have stopped thinking about their birthdays entirely or, alternately, have come to hate birthdays, but I for some reason cannot control my glee.

It's weird, though.  It's not like I receive extravagant gifts or anything.  My tradition has become thus: dinner with friends on Saturday, dinner with my parents on Sunday.  It's not super exciting to most people I guess, but it is perfect to me.  I get an entire weekend of birthday celebrations with all of my closest friends and family.  What more could you ask for?

This weekend my plan is dinner at Buca with the guys (and their girls!) on Saturday night and homemade macaroni and cheese with my parents on Sunday.  We're also going to see Insidious on Saturday afternoon and I'm hoping to work some sort of breakfast plan in as well.  Perhaps breakfast on both days?  Mostly my birthday seems to revolve around food.  Weird.

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