Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fake Gamesday

Fake Gamesday is a go!  For those of you who don't know, Fake Gamesday is exactly what it sounds like.  Since real Gamesday is in Chicago this year and none of us are willing to drive/fly all the way out there, we are just going to go to Baltimore for the weekend during the traditional Gamesday time period (mid April - mid May).  We had long ago (way back in December) decided to go on the weekend of April 15th, but a lot of things have happened in the intervening months and no-one had mentioned it since.  Time was rapidly ticking away and I was concerned we might not go at all.

But last night we finally made reservations!  Through the magic of Priceline, we got rooms at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel for a third of their regular price!  Amazing!  We have been lusting after that hotel for years (or at least I have), but we never stayed there because it was unreasonably expensive.  But no longer!  We were hoping the Name Your Own Price lottery would give us the Hilton, where we stayed last year, but this could be even better.  There is a mall attached to the hotel, a cool glass mall, and there is a sky walk to the inner harbor shops across the street.  How convenient!

It is a shame that we won't actually get to the real Gamesday to spend lots of money on Warhammer stuff, but think of all the cash that will free up for food!  And it also frees up time to go sight seeing!  Hooray!

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