Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Woes

So I'm totally stressing out about my garden.  I am nowhere near as far along as I was last year.  April is almost over and I have planted exactly nothing.  Well, I planted some herbs in my herb box, but those don't count.  I'm talking about vegetables.

Over the weekend Chris and I went to Black Creek Greenhouse to buy vegetables in the hopes that it would stop raining for a day or two so we could move forward with our Garden Expansion plans.  Alas, it did not stop.  Well, it stopped today.  But we were at work and that didn't help anyone.  And it isn't supposed to rain tomorrow either, but we will be at work then as well and when we get home we have to mow the lawn (our grass is unbelievably long right now; it is embarrassing).  So I've got a bunch of seedling and seeds, but nowhere to go with them.  Right now they are sitting out on the side porch.  Just in case you did not watch my extremely fascinating haul video (it's actually very boring), let me tell you what we bought:

3 (yes, you read that correctly, three) raspberry bushes
2 cherry tomato seedlings (for Kylie since Chris and I don't eat tomatoes)
sweet corn seeds
green bean seeds
sugar pea seeds
lima bean seeds

Add to this list the seeds from the gardening gift basket Chris won at work last week:

broccoli seeds
beet seeds
radish seeds
cucumber seeds

So you can see why I am anxious to expand the garden.  These are way too many things to cram into our current tiny garden.  Perhaps I can just plant a few things and leave the rest for the new side.  Also, I wonder if I can plant those seeds indoors and let them grow a little before putting them outside.  I feel like that would waste less time.  You can see why I am so stressed out.

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