Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Camera Update

So I decided on a camera, and it wasn't one of the cameras I had linked previously.  After reading the last camera entry, my sister texted me and and told me not to buy anything - that she would find me something better.  A few minutes later, she IMed me a link to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2.  It is an actual DSLR for the same price as those fancy point and shoots.  And it still has a flip-out screen.  Pretty impressive, huh?  My sister should really get a job doing internet research professionally.

Of course, I am in a panic after spending so much money.  I never like buying anything over $100 - it makes me very uncomfortable.  I mean, I had the money to buy it no problem.  I just hate spending unnecessarily.  And this is the pinnacle of unnecessary items.  So now, to make sure that this money replentishes itself as quickly as possible, I will not be spending any excess money at all.  I will take my $40 per week free-spending allowance and nothing more.  No more going out to dinner every night.  No more!

I am also a little worried about my mental stability.  Well, that might be going a little far, but let me explain.  You see, when I was first trying to decide whether or not I really wanted to blow all this cash on a camera, I brought up the question to Steve.  He said that I should go for it - that perhaps I'd finally find my passion.  My passion is something for which I have been searching for a long time.  Most people have hobbies - things that they really enjoy doing and want to do all the time. Things that they think about and spend money on and talk about.  Steve plays Magic.  Chris paints 40k figures.  Kyle brews his own beer.  I have nothing.  There is nothing I enjoy so much that I'd always like to do it, let alone spend money on it.  There's nothing that I really like to do.  I always get bored with and sick of things.  There is not one thing I have tried that has sparked my passion.  How sad is that?  It's something on which I spend a lot of time dwelling.  But what if photography/videography is my passion?  My mind was pretty much made up as soon as Steve brought this thought into the conversation.

Now I am concerned that I am hanging all my hopes on this camera.  If I do not absolutely love it and immediately become an impassioned photographer, I will be incredibly let down.  If I only take photos and videos for a few days and then quickly lose interest like I do with everything else?  It might send me into a spiraling depression.  Keep your fingers crossed that this does not happen. 

And keep your fingers crossed that it actually arrives before I am driven completely insane by the lack of it.  It is currently in Nevada, according to FedEx.  Ugggggh.

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  1. we'll have to go on a ride through the country when it comes, I can show you the ropes of a SLR and you can practice... at the very least we need to go to angelica or something.