Thursday, June 9, 2011

Air Conditioning

This morning, while I was checking so I could decide what to wear, there was an old lady being interviewed on the news.  The caption beneath her? "Remembers life before air conditioning."  For realsies.

I remember life before air conditioning, though maybe not in exactly the same way.  I mean sure, it existed at the time.  But I did not have access to it.  My family did not have a/c until 1994.  And we lived in the city!  And even then, when we did finally get a window unit, it was only in the living room.  I didn't have a/c in my bedroom until we bought this house (the bedroom at the apartment had protective bars on the windows, so we really couldn't put one in there)!

You know what else I saw on the news?  Local schools have been having early dismissals due to the heat.  Can you believe this?  We didn't have a/c at school in the dark ages during my school career and we never got sent home early.  I feel like an old lady saying so, but back in my day we just suffered through it!  Kids these days need to learn to suck it up.

It has been ridiculously hot though.  Seriously - it is only June and it has been in the high 90s this entire week.  I hate to think what the temperature will be in August...

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