Monday, September 19, 2011

Couch to 5k - Week 1

Week one of my Couch to 5k running plan is over and I'm feeling pretty great.  I was a little sore, but it seems I have not slipped nearly as much as I fear by taking two weeks off.  This is good news.  Here are my stats as of today:

Weight: 125.8
Waist: 27.5
Hips: 37
Thigh: 21.25
Calf: 12.5
Upper Arm: 10.25

Okay, so that hasn't changed much.  I guess that's to be expected.  Here is some other info about this week's running:

Total Miles: 4.7
Calories Burned: 309
Average Speed: 4.1 mph
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm

Not too shabby!  Especially for me, who generally cannot be bothered to get off the sofa.

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