Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well.  What to say about 2011...  It was a pretty rough year, honestly.  I mean, I know I feel that way because of the whole "Kylie in the hospital" thing, but even beyond that it was... rough.  Lots of things happened, lots of things changed.  I had a bunch of Sad For No Reason times.  It was rough.

But now let's review my resolutions from last year.  Last year I resolved to sketch more, which was an overwhelming success.  I am drawing more now than I have in years and I am loving it.  I will continue to do this, but I don't think it really counts as a resolution anymore.  Write more blog entries?  Yeah, let's try that again.  I did a pretty good job for the first two months of 2011, but I started to drop off again by March.  Still, I totaled 175 entries, up from 144 in 2010.  Cleaning all the things didn't go very well either, unfortunately.  But I'll keep trying.  I am not sure if I necessarily weigh less than I did last year, but I have certainly been more healthy.  We have been eating better and I have been going to the gym.  I feel better and I feel better about myself.  Also, I haven't had nearly so much trouble breathing now that I have actually been giving my lungs a bit of a workout every now and then. 

Okay, so I guess we'll call that minor success?  On to my resolutions for this year:

1) Clean All The Things: this place is a mess and there's no reason for it.  I will get into some sort of routine and I will keep my house clean so that I don't have to be so embarassed when people stop by from time to time.

2) Be Less Involved: I do too many things.  I am hardly ever at home and I hardly ever get to do anything just for myself because I want to do it.  This year, I resolve to have less things scheduled all the time.  There's no reason I have to be out doing something every night of the week.  It's ridiculous.

3) Be More Healthy: this is something I've been working on and something I want to continue.  I want to keep going to the gym, keep shopping at the farmer's market, make more meals at home, and generally just be more health conscious.

4) Write More Blog Entries: I really enjoy writing, and blog entries are a great way to practice.  Also, I see a lot of home improvements in my future, so I want to keep an updated log of those on my other blog, The Hateful Hovel.

So there you have it.  Nothing to out of reach, I think.  Wish me luck!

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