Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday night was my surprise bachelorette party.  I say surprise because it is very difficult to be sneaky around someone with OCD.  I knew something was up because my heels were missing from my shoe pile.  Someone, probably Kylie, had stolen my dressy shoes.  Hmmmmmm...  But the specifics of the evening remained unknown to me until I arrived at Kim's house, so that much was a surprise at the very least.

First we had a potluck "fake Smokey Bones" dinner at Kim's house which was, of course, delicious.  I apparently cannot be friends with anyone who is not an amazing cook.  I was also given some lingerie for my wedding night.  I am far too... proper to show it to you here, but I will show you the tiny box in which it is contained.  A long time ago, I told my sister that if I ever got married, she'd better buy me the skimpiest lingerie imaginable - that it had better be nothing more than lace and strings.  She took these words very literally.  You can use your imagination from there.

When we were finished eating, Kylie whisked me away upstairs to do my makeup, hair, and dress me like a streetwalker (hence the heels).  Then we went to the WineDown Cafe, a place I have always wanted to visit but was far too intimidated to ever enter without the added bravery of a few drinks.  It was surprisingly non-threatening but again keep in mind that I was already several drinks into the evening by the time we got there.  I had a sangria and some champagne, compliments of the house, and we all shared cheese and cracker platter.  I have a feeling that many future girls' nights will have their starts at that place.

After that, we went to Building 24 for more beverages and dancing.  I know that some of my more adventurous readers might be thinking this sounds like a pretty tame night, and it may be considered that for most people.  But for me, who gets uncomfortable even thinking about the seething mast of humanity that can be found "in da club", this was somewhat akin to skydiving in terms of terror.  I doubt I would have been able to step foot in the door had I not been well into my cups, but I was and I did and it was a lot of fun.  I'm not sure I'll ever regain feeling in my toes (dancing in platform heels for several hours will apparently do that to a person), but it was worth it.

When we had tired ourselves out, we went back to Kim's house for cake (shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy - lovingly handcrafted by Kim) and then crashed on floors, beds, air mattresses, and couches.  In the morning, we feasted on baked french toast, eggs, and sausage.  It was a wonderful time.  Thanks to all of you who planned it, attended it, chaperoned it, and just overall made it possible.

The strangest part, to me, is that I really do feel as though I've said farewell to some part of myself.  While I know, logically, that being married to Chris will be exactly the same as living with Chris "in sin" (other than the fact that we'll get to file joint tax returns - hooray!) as I have been, I can't help but feel some sort of... shifting?  It's hard to explain the intricacies of being "legitimate" and that sort of thing.  It's all so personal and individual, you know?  I mean, we've been dating for five years now, and that is fine.  That is great.  But after pining for so long and imagining that this day would never come, it's very bizarre to have it actually happening.  Good, but weird.  And will being a "married woman" magically turn me into someone else?  I really doubt it, but that doesn't make it any less bewildering to imagine.  It's really difficult to put these feelings into words.

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