Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Things

This morning, Chris and I went to get our marriage license.  This is one of the things I have been dreading the most.  You have to drive into the city (which I can't believe I used to do every day - how awful), park in a parking garage, find a building that isn't very clearly marked, be hassled by security guards about every single thing in your purse, go through a metal detector, figure out which floor you're supposed to be on, ride in an elevator, figure out which room you're supposed to be in, and then talk to someone at length about the occupation of your parents and other such nonsense.  It's as though they specifically designed this activity to combine all of my least favorite things.  The only way it could have been worse is if the courthouse was painted orange and was run by spiders with horse skulls.  In space.  Uggh.  But we did it, and that's the important thing.  We have to go back on Monday and pick it up, though, which sucks. They could have mailed it, but I didn't want to take any chances with it getting lost or anything.  I have been very suspicious of the reliability of the post office ever since so many of our wedding invitations never reached their destinations.  But at least we know what to expect now.

You know what is amazing?  Cottage cheese.  It's one of those foods I've always been curious about, but it looked too weird for me to ever actually eat.  But last weekend we were at Kim and Dustin's house and Dustin was eating it out of the container like ice cream and I figured maybe I should give it a try after all.  So I picked some up at the grocery store and tried it for breakfast, topped with honey.  The first morning it was fine, but nothing exciting.  The second morning, I was hooked.  It was the best thing I'd ever eaten and I couldn't wait to have more.  Now all I can think about is cottage cheese with honey.  It's a relatively low calorie breakfast with lots of protein (well, lots for me - I am almost always under my recommended serving of protein for the day).  Wonderful!

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