Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Bands

Tonight Chris and I finally went to match the tux vests to the straps I stole from my bridesmaids' dresses (sorry Hannah and Kylie).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that all our mens have gotten fitted - good for you guys, doing things on time!  But yeah, so that was quick and easy and no
big deal.  On the way home, Chris suggested we go to Boscov's and check out wedding bands, since those are on my big list of things that have to get taken care of in the next two weeks.  I thought this would also be quick and easy and no big deal.  They are just plain bands, won't we just have to walk
in, pick something out, and carry them home?  No, it turns out this is not the case at all.  For you see, Boscov's only had wedding bands sized 5 - 11 in stock.  Do you know what sizes we need?  4 and 13.  Yeah.  So we went across town to the Boscov's at the Berkshire Mall instead, but found the same disappointing size situation.  And it would take four to six weeks for them to arrive, which won't work at all.

We ventured out of Boscov's and into the actual mall to try some jewelry stores.  The lady at the first store (Zales, I think) actually had a full on jaw-drop when we told her the date of our wedding.  She told us our best bet would be to just pick something, anything, that they had in stock in our sizes just so we had something to use at the wedding.  We could then come back and exchange them for something we liked after the fact.  Chris was immediately drawn to the tungsten carbide rings, of course.  Nothing simple and cheap and easy for him.  But since he's going to be stuck with this
thing for the rest of his life, I figure he might as well like it.  Plus, they are the strongest, most durable rings around and we are notoriously hard on jewelry. Unfortunately, the largest they had of the style he liked (the one with carbon fiber inlay) was a 12, and they wouldn't be able to get us the correct size before the wedding.  So we'd have to do the exchange thing whether we liked it or not.  We decided to see if any of the other jewelry stores had anything in stock.

Long story short, they didn't.  We tried four other jewelry stores and they all had the exact same selections with the exact same prices.  Three of them, however, said that they could have the correct size rushed here by February 7th.  Close enough.  We could have just bought one there and then,
but I really hate spending money, so we decided to go home and meditate on it and buy one over the weekend.  While we were discussing it at home, Chris mentioned in passing my getting a smaller one to match, rather than the plain band I had been intending to purchase.  I said it wasn't a big deal, that it didn't matter if they matched or not, that I didn't really care.  He was silent.  "Unless you really care that they do not match..." I said, in disbelief.  "Yeah," he said.  "I kinda do."  Shock of shocks, he has a tiny bit of traditionalist in him after all!  So I guess I will also be getting a tungsten carbide ring with carbon fiber inlay too.  Which is just as well, considering how quickly I broke my engagement ring...

It was really weird, though, trying on all those rings.  Like, I looked at my hand with a traditional wedding band on it and it didn't feel like my hand anymore.  It was like I was looking at someone else's hand.  So I guess it is good that I am not getting a traditional band - maybe my hands will
still be my own wearing a tungsten carbide ring.  Also, the stark contrast between my antique engagement ring and my super modern wedding band will be pretty cool, I think.

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