Friday, February 24, 2012

Refrigerator Woes

As I mentioned before, Chris and I have fallen in love with Samsung's refrigerators.  They're ungodly expensive (from what I have been told, anyway - I personally have no idea what is a "reasonable" price for a fridge), but thanks to some... generous wedding donations we are going to go ahead and buy one anyway.  During our week off, we looked at a lot of fridges and the Samsungs still had all the features we liked best.  We are
still at odds over which one we want (Chris wants this one, but I think it is a bit... much and would prefer this one - I just don't know how often are we really going to use a deli drawer), but that wasn't the biggest problem.

You see, our house is weird.  You may remember from a million years ago that we ordered a sofa and had to return it because it wouldn't fit through any of our tiny, Victorian-sized doors.  Surprisingly enough, giant modern refrigerators won't fit either.  Our kitchen door is 29", the fridges are 31".  Oops.  So we went home very discouraged, knowing that we'd have to start looking at fridges all over again and would have to buy one that was not quite up to our exacting fridge standards.

I mentioned this to my mum who mentioned it to my Aunt Candy who mentioned it to my Uncle Don, and now we will be getting a new (larger) back door and a new refrigerator to fit through it.  Have I mentioned lately how awesome my family is?  Because they are very awesome.

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