Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Chronicle of Last Night's Sleep

11:16 pm - Got into bed.  Chris was still downstairs painting, but Mako joined me.  Fell asleep almost immediately.

12:42 am - Was woken up by the loud sounds coming from Chris (i.e. snoring).

02:23 am - was woken up by the sound of Mako jumping onto the lid of the snake tank from our bed and then attempting to dig through the screen to get at said snake.

03:12 am - was woken up by snores again.

04:01 am - was woken up by the sound of the snake slithering around.  It was the dry, rasping sort of slithering noise one reads about in horror novels. Was unable to get back to sleep for almost an hour.

05:45 am - woke up for no discernable reason.

06:36 am - woken up by alarm clock, was forced to drag my exhausted self out of bed to face another day.  Even though I was very tired, it was a relief to know that the night was over.

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