Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sowing the seeds

On Saturday I did more gardening.  It was time to plant the corn, carrots, and beets.  They all do best when planted directly into the garden (instead of starting them inside), but they are less tolerant of cold weather than the sugar peas (which I planted a few weeks ago).  As I mentioned before, I used these charts to determine the best time to plant my seeds.  It's from a local greenhouse, so it's probably to find one tailored to your area if you don't live in Berks County, PA.

First, check out how far the aforementioned sugar peas have come!  Aren't they beautiful?  I don't think I'll ever tire of the thrill I get when something I've planted begins to sprout.

And while we're looking at green growing things, check out the raspberry bushes.  It's amazing to see a plant go from looking like a dead bunch of sticks to a living, thriving thing.  I think we're going to get a lot more
raspberries this year.  Just look at all those buds!

But anyway, back to seeds.  I had to do a little maintenance before I started planting my seeds.  There were some weeds to pull, and I turned the soil a bit, but other than that I just dug some shallow trenches, placed the seeds according to the spacing directions on their packaging, and covered them with dirt.  Then I watered them and the sugar peas and I was finished. Super easy.  So here is the garden as it stands now.  Not very impressive, I know.  But hopefully it will be brimming with life before too long.  I planted 12 corn seeds, 80 carrot seeds, and 12 beet seeds.  Probably went a little overboard with the carrots, but the seeds were really small.  It was mostly an accident.

 I've decided I should start keeping a garden journal, so I made up some sheets for each of the vegetables I am growing this year.  I'm going to stick them in a three ring binder so that I can easily add to it as necessary.  I figure I'll also include some loose leaf line paper so that I can keep notes as to when I water, weed, and what sort of weather we have. This way I'll be better able to keep tracks of what works and what I need to improve upon for next year.

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