Monday, April 9, 2012

Times Are Tough

List of things I did last week that were out of my comfort zone:

Skipped work on Wednesday even though payroll wasn't finished
Exited the highway from an exit I don't usually use
Parked in a parking garage
Talked to a hospital receptionist alone
Navigated the halls of the hospital alone
Exited the highway from another exit I don't usually use
Got out of the car in the DMV parking lot
Entered the DVM alone
Got my new drivers license photo alone
Went to a cashier at the grocery store instead of the self check-out
Threw out two bags full of old stuff from my office

You might think that some of these should be grouped together into one activity, but you are wrong.  I broke them down into the parts where I almost gave up and went home.  So each portion was its own tiny battle.
Still, I am pretty proud of myself.

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